What is Bikram Yoga and is it right for you?

Bikram yoga is thought of as a cleansing workout that builds physical strength, improves flexibility, and increases mental strength. If you’re a beginner yogi who wishes to amplify your current yoga practice, then taking a Bikram yoga class may be just something to investigate. By way of this article, you are provided an overview of the various components of this form of yoga in terms of its physical benefits and its potential mental benefits. After reading this article, you will have a good working knowledge of what to expect from a Bikram yoga class.

There is much debate as to how much the physical benefits of Bikram yoga can actually help you. The common perception is that it’s an outstanding way to obtain core strength and flexibility through increased flexibility. There has been some measure of merit to this, especially given the fact that it is practiced in a highly demanding and focused setting. Nevertheless, there are no standardized test scores or grades obtained at the end of a Bikram yoga class. The reason for this is that this type of yoga has not been widely studied scientifically; thus the varied reports you will hear about people acquiring different benefits based on their degree of flexibility will likely be due to individual variation and not necessarily any quantitative result derived from testing done on a scientifically controlled setting.

Bikram yoga, for those uninitiated, is named after the buildings where it is practiced, located in the San Francisco area. A room heated to temperatures of roughly 95 degrees is used in these buildings for practicing this form of yoga. In addition to being heated, the room is ventilated well, and a thick mat on the floor is used to prevent the spreading of disease. Through numerous studies, it has been shown that this type of yoga can indeed promote greater flexibility and physical strength. In fact, many chronic pain conditions have been attributed to lack of flexibility and some specific to those that are chronic in nature.

There have also been some indications that bikram yoga might help with reducing stress and anxiety levels. Some of these claims are anecdotal, but even if this is true, this should not be considered a cure for your condition. It should be noted that hot yoga classes are also frequently conducted in very hot rooms, and people who have a history of stress or high anxiety may find that the practice adds to the stress they already experience. It should also be noted that if you suffer from any heart or circulatory problems, you should refrain from performing any kind of physical activity while taking these classes.

In recent years, there has also been some evidence suggesting that this type of yoga could make you more alert and sharper. The main premise behind this is that the increased levels of oxygen entering the blood while hot yoga postures to promote better blood circulation. Those who feel that they are highly alert and able to focus better can also benefit from this type of yoga.

If nothing else, it should be noted that many of those who regularly practice bikram yoga remain physically fit, while others report feeling less interested in exercise. This should not be a cause for concern. It is likely that those who do not regularly practice bikram yoga are simply not aware of how much this class involves. In actuality, a typical class will last anywhere between ten and twenty minutes. The 26 postures can be practiced in a matter of minutes or can be spread over several hours. If it helps you stay more alert, and you are looking to boost your mental acuity, this form of yoga may be ideal for you.